Google Search Console insights for those who wonder what happened 🤔

Understand how pages and keywords evolve after a Google update or content change.

Ever felt lost in your Google Search Console ?

You may have to filter through of pages and keywords just to try to understand what happened


Total clicks go down ?

Is it due to a single page or all of the pages lost clicks?

Average position go down ?

Average position doesn't tell you much. You need to pinpoint which specific keywords and pages were the most impacted.

Your question ...

Find your answer.


ContentWisely helps you understand Google

We analyze pages and keywords from your Google Search Console to extract just what you need after an event.

Keyword insights

Page insights

Why use ContentWisely ?

ContentWisely is built for those who don't want to spend days analyzing the raw data on their GSC

Save time

Let our tool analyze your GSC data and extract what would taken you hours or days to analyze.

Understand Google

See how pages and keywords are impacted after a Google update.

Focus on the 20/80

Work on the pages and keywords that have the most impact on your revenue.

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